Best Ways To Redesign Your Room That Feels Like Home

Are you ready to redesign your room and make it feel like home? It’s a process that combines creativity, functionality, and personal style for an individualized look. Whether you’re starting from scratch or giving the space a fresh face-lift, there are plenty of ways to make sure your room is beautiful but also comfortable and inviting. From color palettes to furniture choices, here are some key tips on how to design a room that truly feels like home.

The first step in achieving this goal is to choose a color palette. Pick colors that represent your personality as well as match the existing features in the room. If you don’t have much experience with interior design, start by looking at pictures of rooms online for inspiration. This will help give you ideas about what kind of hues work best together and which shades will create the desired atmosphere.

Once you have chosen the right colors, it’s time to think about decorating elements such as rugs, curtains, wall art, lighting fixtures, etc. Choose pieces that reflect your taste while also complementing the rest of the room—this helps tie everything together into one cohesive unit! Consider adding items like bookshelves and area rugs for added texture and interest; plus they can double up as storage solutions too! With these few simple steps, you’ll be able to transform any dull space into a haven that radiates warmth and coziness all year round.

Measuring And Planning The Space

When it comes to redesigning a room, measuring and planning the space is paramount. Before any furniture can be acquired or paint colors chosen, you need to get accurate measurements of your room. This will provide an essential foundation for any remodeling project. When taking measurements, start with the walls; measure their length and width separately in order to accurately plan out how much wall space you have available. Also take note of any windows and doors that are present, as well as outlets and switches. These all factor into the design process when it comes time to choose furnishings and accents.

Once the walls have been measured, consider what type of flooring would best suit the new look for your room. Measure its dimensions so that you know how much area coverage there is for rugs or carpeting – if this is something you want to include in your redesign. Additionally, make sure that furniture pieces will fit comfortably within each section of the room by measuring around them before purchasing anything.

In short, taking precise measurements gives invaluable information on which to base decisions about every aspect of a remodel project: from determining what size rug should go where, to finding just-right scale chairs next to a sofa set – getting these details right means achieving cohesiveness throughout a finished space that feels like home!

Choosing The Right Furniture

Now that you have measured and planned the space, it is time to choose the right furniture to make your room feel like home. When selecting pieces, consider how they will fit into the overall design of your space. Start by choosing functional furniture such as a bed frame or desk, then move on to decorative items like chairs and lighting fixtures. Think about what kind of personal touches you want in your room too – things like accent rugs, wall art, throw pillows, etc.

When measuring furniture for size and scale purposes, always remember to account for doorways; this is especially important if you are purchasing large pieces of furniture. Also keep in mind any other potential obstacles when planning out where each piece should go. Consider materials and finishes carefully since these can play an integral role in defining the atmosphere of a room. To create a warm and cozy ambience try incorporating natural materials such as wood and stone while also utilizing softer fabrics with warmer hues throughout the furnishings. Lighting plays a huge part in setting the mood so be sure to factor in ambient light sources as well as task lighting options for reading or working from home.

Choosing the perfect furniture for your space does not have to be overwhelming; instead think of it as an opportunity to express yourself through style choices that reflect who you are at home. With careful consideration given to its purpose and placement, each piece will help bring together all aspects of the design until before you know it – voila! You’ve got yourself a beautiful new living environment that feels just like home.

Adding Decorative Touches

Some people might think that adding decorative touches to a room will make it feel cluttered and overwhelming, but in reality the right pieces can really help give your space an inviting atmosphere. Start with wall art: choose something that speaks to you and adds personality to the room. Wall decor like mirrors or sconces are also great ways to open up a space while still making a statement. Throw pillows and blankets add warmth, comfort, and color. Look for bold patterns or textures when choosing these elements. Statement pieces can be used as focal points throughout the room; sculpture, plants, area rugs – all of these items bring life into the space and create interest. Finally, don’t forget about lighting! Different types of lamps and fixtures provide both ambient light and task lighting which are essential components of any home design project. With all these tips in mind, you should have no trouble creating a cozy home atmosphere in your newly redesigned room!

Incorporating Personal Items

Bringing in your own personal items, photos and colors is key to creating a homey feeling. Incorporate treasured items such as family heirlooms or sentimental pieces that have special meaning for you. Your favorite colors should be used throughout the room and will bring an added layer of comfortability. Photos are another great way to bring life into a space. Display pictures of friends and family members who make up the fabric of your life. These meaningful images can serve as conversation starters when guests enter the room.

In addition, don’t forget about statement pieces like artwork or furniture that show off your unique style. Even if it doesn’t fit with the overall theme of your room, allow yourself to add something that sparks joy or inspires creativity. A simple piece may become a focal point without detracting from the rest of the decor. Find inspiration in unexpected places – vintage stores, flea markets and antique boutiques often contain hidden gems waiting to be discovered!

Creating a welcoming atmosphere starts with taking time to reflect on what makes you feel at home. Allow yourself the opportunity to express this through carefully chosen pieces that evoke emotion and nostalgia – there’s no better way than having these elements around you in order to create a cozy sanctuary within any space!

Lighting Considerations

When it comes to redesigning a room that feels like home, lighting considerations are essential. Lighting can completely transform a space, making it feel warm and inviting or alternatively cold and sterile. When considering how best to light your room, think about the purpose of the space. Are you looking for general ambient lighting, task lighting or both? Ambient lighting is used to provide overall illumination in a room while task lighting offers directional illumination for activities such as reading or hobbies.

The placement of the lights within the space should also be taken into account when creating an atmosphere that feels like home. Lights placed too high will create shadows whereas those positioned lower will evenly illuminate the entire area. Natural light from windows should be maximized by using curtains or shades if desired. To add extra warmth consider adding wall sconces near seating areas and artworks which will give off a soft glow instead of harsh overhead fixtures. If possible install dimmers so you can adjust levels depending on what type of mood you want to create in the room.

In terms of types of lighting fixtures, there are many options available ranging from modern pendant lamps to traditional chandeliers and table lamps each with its own unique look and style that could suit any room design scheme. Consider combining different styles together such as halogen spotlights with vintage Edison bulbs for an eclectic mix that brings personality to any interior setting. It’s important to wisely choose the appropriate combination of these elements in order to achieve a cohesive aesthetic which has character yet still looks harmonious at the same time.

Finishing Touches

The final touches to a room redesign can make all the difference in creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Throw pillows, wall art, area rugs and house plants are great additions that bring life into any space while also providing comfort. Liven up neutral tones with vibrant colors of throw pillows on couches or chairs, hang framed artwork or prints on walls, layer an area rug for texture underfoot, as well as fill corners with greenery from potted house plants. Additionally, curtains are one of the most effective ways to create a sense of home; they offer privacy when needed but can also add accents of color, pattern and texture that contribute to the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

To finish off your redesigned room, consider adding some personal touches—photos of loved ones, pieces from travels abroad or mementos from special occasions will surely turn your newly designed space into a place that feels like home. With these finishing touches added to your new design scheme it will be easy for anyone who enters this space to feel right at home!


Redecorating your space to make it feel like home doesn’t have to be a difficult task. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to create a room that looks and feels perfect for you. From measuring and planning your space, choosing the right furniture, adding decorative touches, incorporating personal items and considering lighting options – each step is important when creating an inviting environment.

According to the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), more than half of Americans say they are unsatisfied with their living spaces. With some creative thought and effort, however, that statistic can quickly change! It’s worth taking the time to design or redesign your space so that it reflects who you are while providing comfort in every aspect.

Your home should serve as a sanctuary; an oasis away from stress and anxiety. Take these tips into consideration and use them along with your own ideas to transform any room into one where you’ll love spending time surrounded by beauty and tranquility. I’m sure you’ll find yourself at ease in no time!

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