Strategies for organizing your wardrobe and closet

When was the last time you took a good look at your closet? Are all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories crammed in there haphazardly? Is it so disorganized that you can’t find anything when you’re trying to get dressed?

Organizing a wardrobe and closet can seem like an overwhelming task but with the right strategies and techniques, it doesn’t have to be. There are tools and methods that can help streamline the process so that everything is much easier to manage.

In this article, I’m going to share some of my top strategies for organizing your wardrobe and closet so that getting dressed every day becomes a breeze.

Purge clothing items that are no longer needed or worn

The first step to organizing your wardrobe and closet is purging items that you no longer need or wear. Take a look through your wardrobe and get rid of anything that hasn’t been used in the last 12 months.

There’s no point in keeping clothing items that don’t fit, are outdated, or just don’t make you feel great – they’ll only take up room in your closet and distract you from choosing an outfit.

This might seem like a difficult task, especially if you’re very attached to certain pieces of clothing. But trust me, this exercise will help create space for things that will truly make you happy.

Plus, it doesn’t have to be a complete purge – donating some clothes or scalping a few pieces can be incredibly satisfying if you need the extra cash and want someone else to benefit from wearing them!

Organize remaining clothing by category and color

Organizing your remaining clothing by category and color makes it easy to quickly find what you need. Start with categorizing items like tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets and activewear in different stacks.

Then within each stack, organize the clothing by color; from lightest to darkest or from pastels to deep colors. This will save you time everyday since you can immediately check the colors when choosing an outfit instead of searching through every possible item.

If you have multiple colors of the same item, like the same t-shirt in seven different colors, grouping all similar items together will simplify your search process too! Plus it’s more aesthetically pleasing to open up a closet and view your neatly organized colors.

Also make sure to hang delicate tank tops, camisoles and sundresses on clothes hangers rather than folding them into a pile since this will reduce wrinkles and help them last longer!

Use storage solutions such as hangers, bins, and shelving

Using storage solutions such as hangers, bins, and shelving will help you get your closet organized. Hangers are the best way to keep clothes neat and wrinkle-free.

Plus, wall and ceiling mounted hooks can be used to hang hats, scarves, bags and other items. Bins are great for storing folded sweaters, workout clothes, PJs, and spare accessories such as gloves.

Different types of shelving provide easy access to items like footwear and purses. They also add extra storage space while hiding cluttered piles of clothing or accessories in drawers.

Investing in a few smart storage solutions is a great way to take your closet game up a notch! You’ll be able to find what you need at a glance, rather than digging through cluttered piles that make finding anything impossible.

Store out-of-season clothing in a separate area

If you want to properly organize your closet, it’s important to store out-of-season clothing in a separate area. This could be a different closet, chest of drawers or storage box – the choice is up to you.

Having a separate location for clothing that’s not currently in season will save you time and energy when it comes time to switch out your wardrobe.

With this organization strategy, you won’t have to sift through piles of sweaters to find the perfect summer dress when the weather is warm.

By having these pieces separated from the items you wear daily, you can easily find what you need when there’s a change of season.

Hang clothing items to prevent wrinkling and maximize space

It’s hard to keep your closet organized without sacrificing style for space. The solution is to hang your clothing items on hangers to maximize space and prevent wrinkling.

Hanging your clothes will not only help them last longer but they’ll also look great while taking up less space in your closet. Different types of clothing items require different types of hangers. For instance, lightweight blouses should be hung on soft hangers while heavier jackets should be hung on thicker, sturdier options.

No matter what type of hanger you choose, have a look at the right side of the closet first to find the perfect place for each item of clothing you own. That way, nothing gets lost in a jumbled mess and it’s easier to pick out an outfit when you’re running late!

Store shoes in a shoe rack or under-bed storage

Storing shoes can be a challenge, but if you want to get organized, it’s definitely worth the effort. A shoe rack or under-bed storage is a great way to store your shoes in an orderly way.

With either method, you’ll have all of your shoes in one spot so you can easily find the pair that matches an outfit or activity. Under-bed storage is especially convenient if you’re short on space and need more room for other items in your closet.

Shoe racks are also great because they come in various sizes and shapes meaning that you can choose a design that fits perfectly into your closet or bedroom! Plus, they make finding what you need fast and easy.

Not to mention, shoe racks save time when getting ready since everything will already be sorted and organized – no more rummaging through piles of clothing in order to find a missing shoe.

Keep a hamper or basket for dirty clothing

Keeping a designated hamper or basket for dirty clothing is a great way to improve your wardrobe organization. This makes it easier to throw clothes in when they need to be washed, instead of just throwing them up on the closet floor.

Having a dedicated spot for dirty clothes will also make it easier to pull them out and pop them into the washer when you have time – instead of having to go searching for all the dirty ones.

Plus, this strategy will make sure that fewer items fall under the bed or pile up in the corner of the room which can lead to clutter piling up quickly!

Not only does this system help you stay organized but it can also save time so that you don’t have to search through piles of clothing every week trying to find what needs washing.

Donate or sell clothing items in good condition

Donating or selling clothing in good condition is a great way to make room for new clothing pieces. If you’ve got clothes that you haven’t worn recently, it’s time to part with them and make some extra cash!

You can list them on websites like Poshmark, eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Be sure to take quality photos and be specific when writing the descriptions. Offer free shipping and provide excellent customer service!

Donating unwanted clothing items is also a great option. Charities such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or Dress for Success are always happy to receive donations of gently used clothing items. Donating your old clothes will help someone else while also freeing up space in your closet!

Utilize vertical space with over-door organizers and hanging shelves

Maximizing vertical space is one of the best strategies for organizing your wardrobe and closet. Installing over-door organizers, hanging shelves, and other vertical organizers will give you more room to store your clothes.

No longer will you have to buy extra hooks to hang on hangers or live with what can often be a cramped and cluttered closet situation!

Vertical organizers make full use of your available wall space while allowing you to keep everything in clear sight and easy reach. You’ll easily be able to see everything that’s in your closet — from shoes at the bottom, up to coats at the top.

And when it comes time for seasonal transitions, you’ll find that larger items like winter jackets are significantly easier to store than ever before when using a vertical storage solution!

Bottom Line

Organizing your wardrobe and closet doesn’t have to be a complicated, drawn-out process. There are plenty of easy-to-use strategies that you can employ to make it as simple and efficient as possible.

By taking the time to put everything in its place and find clever storage solutions, you’ll quickly be able to turn a poorly kept closet into an organized system that can provide comfort and convenience on a daily basis.

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